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Website Training and Help Sessions

One-on-One Virtual Open Lab

Already had training, but want some help? Contact websupport@pgcps.org to schedule a session. 

Office and Program Website Training

Contact websupport@pgcps.org to schedule a session.

School Website Training


Take our self-service training series: Open self-guided agenda (with links to videos) or watch our entire video series

Virtual webinar session

Email websupport@pgcps.org to schedule a one-on-one training or select from courses listed in our calendar below:


Access Your Website

  • All page editing takes place on a staging server (http://ektron.pgcps.org) which uploads to the public one time per hour on the 30 minute mark (1:30, 2:30, 3:30, etc.).
  • Login using the button "Login" above.
  • To edit your page, you will need to access your website from the staging server. The easiest way to ensure that you are accessing your website from the proper location, follow the links below:
  • When you have located your school or office, click on "Website"  
    • For Schools:  change the beginning of the URL from "schools" to "ektron"  So your editing URL should be https://ektron.pgcps.org/(name-of-your-school)
    • For Offices:  change the beginning of the URL from "offices" to "ektron"  So your editing URL should be https://ektron.pgcps.org/(name-of-your-office)
  • Roll over the access point on your website and begin editing!


  • This version of Ektron works with Chrome, Firefox and Safari
  • If you received the following error: DisplayName YOURNAME already exists message upon logging in, please email websupport@pgcps.org with DisplayName Issue in the subject line