Web Services / School Website Requirements
  • School Website Requirements

    School Website Requirements

    PGCPS Procedures Followed 

    • School websites are hosted on Ektron Content Management System
    • Only fundraisers which are approved by Purchasing are allowed to be listed/linked to website
    • No web advertising/commercial use
    • All photos must have publicity release form signed by parent
    • Content must be your own - do not copy and paste from other websites without permission - this is plagiarism - this includes mascots, photos, etc.


    • Site is updated at least monthly
    • Task-oriented (i.e. Find lunch menus; get grades; when is next PTSA meeting?)
    • Written in easy to understand language (explain PGCPS vocabulary – i.e. Family Portal = find out attendance, grades, etc.)
    • School Information: School location, phone, address, bell schedule, school hours, contact info, directions
    • Staff list/contacts
    • Policies: Uniform, dismissal, visitor
    • Procedures: delay and early closing procedures, bus information, registration
    • Mission/Philosophy
    • Principal’s welcome/statement
    • PTSA/PTSO information
    • School Improvement Plan – use link on http://schools.pgcps.org
    • Resources: Community Links
    • No “under construction” messages
    • Out-of-date flyers, events, etc. are archived off main page


    • Graphics load quickly (downsize in Photoshop or Paint, etc.)
    • Text easy to read (high contrast colors)


    • Most used links and tasks are easily accessible
    • Menus have main pages clearly labeled
    • Main pages have links to other content
    • Use of sub-menus limited (1 level)

    School Calendar 

    • School calendar is up-to-date
    • Main upcoming school events are listed on front of website

    Parental Involvement 

    • Lists ways to get involved in school
    • PTSA/PTSO links are easily found
    • If available, newsletter is accessible