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Capital Projects that are not yet under construction are either in the Planning or Design phase once they are approved as projects by the Board of Education in the Educational Facilities Master Plan (EFMP).

Planning Phase

Prior to designing an approved project, a variety of planning activities may be needed such as:

- Site Selection and Site Test Fit Analysis

- Feasibility Study or Options Analysis Study


Design Phase

Once Planning Approval has been achieved, a project enters the Design Phase of development. An architect is selected to design and create construction documents to implement the project. If it is a major project such as a new school or a major renovation or replacement of an existing school, a Project Planning Committee will be created to follow the project from design through construction, and occupancy of the building. The Committee is an opportunity for a small number of staff, community members, and other stakeholders to be involved in the design and implementation process. Committee members meet regularly through the design phase 'representing' the community's interest in the project between larger community-wide meetings at various intervals during the many phases of the project. Project Planning Committees have been established for the following projects:





Capital Improvement Program (CIP)

Educational Facilities Master Plan (EFMP)

School Boundaries & Enrollment

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