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District of Columbia Area Writing Project

District of Columbia Area Writing Project

 Invitational Summer Institute (July 11 – 22, 2016 and three Saturdays in Fall ‘16 ) 

The Summer Institute is a 104-hour program that prepares DC area teachers to become teacher consultants and change agents in their schools and school districts through a focus on writing instruction.  During the Institute, teachers examine problems in the teaching of writing, study current and past research in the field, write in a variety of styles from various perspectives, and demonstrate effective approaches to the teaching of writing. After the Institute, the teachers conduct workshops and attend follow-up seminars.

Eligibility- Teachers in all subject areas from Kindergarten through 12th Grade are eligible to apply.

Selection Criteria- Participants will be selected on the basis of teaching experience, a desire to improve their own writing, an interest in learning more about how to teach writing and writing to learn, and an interest and ability to work in staff development programs.  Candidates must submit a letter of recommendation from a principal, assistant principal or department chair along with a writing sample. Candidates who are interested in the scholarship will partake in an interview. Deadline to apply is May 15, 2016.

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