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MERIT (Maryland Experimental Research Intensive for Teachers)

MERIT will place up to two teachers in Dr. Haag's laboratory at University of Maryland, College Park.  The Haag Lab examines how animals evolve the ability to reproduce without mating. For this work, the model nematode genus Caenorhabditis is used. These small worms are easily grown in culture, and have powerful genetic and genomic tools developed over the years by thousands of researchers around the world.  Most importantly, Caenorhabditis species vary as to whether their two sexes are male and female (the ancestral form) or males and self-fertile hermaphrodites. Self-fertility has evolved at least three times in this group. Summer research assistants will assist in studies aimed at understanding how hermaphrodites evolved, involving advanced techniques for manipulating genes. In addition, by comparing homologous genes from closely related species, assistants will come to better appreciate the genome as the product of an ongoing evolutionary process.  Teachers will be expected to create and implement a classroom activity in the Fall 2016 based on their summer research experience.  

Selected participants will be expected to work full-time (up to $2,880 stipend available) in Dr. Haag's lab on the University of Maryland College Park campus for most or all of the period from July 5 - August 12.  

More information and applications can be found at  Applications will be considered on a rolling basis until the positions are filled. 

Email Mary Stapleton ( with any questions.


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