Accounting for every pupil because
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MISSION:  Accurately maintain pupil information in a secure environment to provide historical, current and enrollment data for determining necessary facility, human, and fiscal resources; administer tuition and tuition waivers; and generate formal reports for MSDE.


The primary purpose of this office is to support administrative and instructional efforts with information and recommendations concerning change in the school system's student population and its effects on (1) facilities (capacity and construction); (2) resources and budgetary planning; (3) court related obligations; (4) residency and tuition; and (5) state mandated reporting.

The major areas of responsibility within this office are:

• Respond to inquiries regarding school boundaries, registration procedures, and tuition policies.

• Provide direction to school personnel regarding registration of students, attendance, and enrollment.




Pupil Accounting
14201 School Lane, Room 211
Upper  Marlboro, MD 20772
FAX: 301-952-6784  
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