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    Charter Schools Frequently Asked Questions

    Do Charter School have attendance boundaries like the Specialty Programs Schools? 
    Public Charter Schools do not have attendance boundaries. 

    Will busing be available? 
    Transportation IS NOT provided by Prince George's County Public Schools and may be available on a limited basis by private carrier.  Contact the individual charter school for further details.

    What are the School hours? 
    The Charter school will set their school hours.  As soon as that determination is made, we will post the information on our Charter School website.

    What is the process for hiring of staff (administrative, secretarial, custodial)? 
    Charter Schools will use the same format as we use for all other schools and offices in the system – hiring will occur through our Human Resources Division.

    I am interested in applying for my child to enter a Charter School.  What should I do?  If you are currently living in Prince George’s County but your child is not enrolled in a public school, you will need to obtain a Prince George's County Public School issued student number for your child  – this number is required to complete the charter school lottery application.  You do not need to withdraw your child in order to get this number.

    • Contact the school assigned for your home address to make arrangements to obtain the student number. School Finder 
    • Bring your child's original birth certificate and your proof of Prince George's County residence (you may use your deed or settlement papers or a lease or rental agreement.  If you have residence other than the aforementioned please call the Pupil Accounting School Boundaries Office at 301-952-6300 for information on what documents to provide as your proof of residence). 
    • Inform the Secretary/Registrar that you need a student number to apply for the lottery.  Remain at the school until the number is issued by the Secretary/Registrar. 
    • Use this number for application for your child to enter a Charter School.

    My child is already a student in Prince George's County Public Schools - where would I find the student number? 
    Look at your child's report card.  The student number is a 9 digit number starting with 000 or 10.  Or you can GO TO your child's school with proof of identity and request the student number.

    I am unable to include my address when completing the Charter School lottery application.  How can I insure that I will receive written correspondence?  
    The address that is used for written correspondence is the address on file with Prince George's County Public Schools student database.  If your address is incorrect in this database your written correspondence may be delayed.  Please insure that your address information is correct.

    My child is a former student and we have moved since his/her withdrawal from Prince George's County Public Schools.  How do I insure that our address has been updated?  
    Visit your boundary school taking your new proof of residency with you.  Explain that your former student needs address update in the student database for the purpose of applying to the lottery.  

    My child will turn 5 years of age after September 1.  Am I able to apply for Charter School lottery placement for Kindergarten for him/her?
    Maryland state law requires that a child be 5 years of age on or before September 1 to enter Kindergaten.  We must abide by this law, therefore, if your child will be be 5 years of age AFTER September 1 you can not apply for lottery placement to a Charter School for Kindergarten. 

    My child currently attends a Charter School.  If I apply for a different Charter School will my child automatically be withdrawn from the current Charter School? 
    Application for entry to a different Charter School does NOT automatically withdraw your student from the Charter School he/she is currently attending.  However, if your choice is to change your child's Charter School you must apply through the lottery process.

    My family is new to Prince George's County but my child attended a Charter School in our previous school district.  Will my child receive reciprocity to enroll in a Charter School here? 
    Because curriculums can differ from one jurisdiction to another, there are no reciprocity arrangements for Charter Schools.  You may contact the Charter School of interest to see if there are seats available.  Enrollment in a Charter School in Prince George's County would depend on the grade level and seat availability at the particular Charter School the family is interested in.

    Is Before and After Care provided?
    Each Charter School makes their own Before and After Care arrangements.  Please contact the Charter school of interest for information regarding Before and After Care.