• Architecture and Design


    The Architecture & Design Program focuses on providing broad transferable skills in all aspects of designing and erecting buildings and other physical structures. In addition to the construction trades, students will learn about management, finance, technical and production skills, labor issues, health and safety regulations, and environmental issues as they relate to the construction trades.

    Programs of Study

    Construction Trades features seven programs of study. Students enrolled in the Carpentry program will learn about the construction industry with a specialty focus on building and maintaining homes through wood-working skills. The Electrical program focuses on wiring buildings for electricity; HVAC focuses on the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning systems; Plumbing on installing piping and fixtures for plumbing purposes; and Masonry focuses on building and maintaining brick, concrete, and stone structures. Students will gain on-the-job experience through participating in the construction of The FACTS Student Built House. Recommended Electives: Business Organization and Management, Entrepreneurship, Interior Design 1, Spanish 1, and Spanish 2.

    Construction Design Management (CDM): The Construction Design and Management program is a four course program of study. Students will develop an understanding of the built world through the design and construction process. Advanced architectural drafting and design skills are developed through lab-based instruction using Autodesk software tools. Recommended Elective: Advanced Placement Calculus. 

    Advances in science and technology will continue to drive innovation in the design, construction, and maintenance of buildings and infrastructure, including new design concepts, construction materials and methods, and the application of information technology. Maryland high school construction-related programs allow students to advance their knowledge in specific construction trades, design or construction management.

    Possible Certifications

    National Center for Construction Education and Research Industry Certificate (NCCER)

    Possible Majors

    • Architecture
    • Civil Engineering
    • Construction Management 
    • Mechanical Engineering 
    • Electrical Engineering 
    • Urban Planning 

    Possible Careers
    • Contractor 
    • Architect 
    • Electrician 
    • Carpenter 
    • Plumber 
    • Project Manager 
    • Civil Engineer 
    • Interior Designer 
    • Mason 
    • HVAC Technician

    Program Contact Information 

    Rhonda Taylor, Supervisor
    Career and Technical Education Programs
    2215 Chadwick Street
    Temple Hills, MD 20748
    Phone: (301) 669-6012
    Fax: (301) 669-6090