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    National Board Certification Teacher Program

    National Board Certification is the most respected professional certification available in education and provides numerous benefits to teachers, students and schools. It was designed to develop, retain and recognize accomplished teachers and to generate ongoing improvement in schools nationwide.

    While teacher licensure systems set the basic requirements to teach in each state, completion of National Board Certification signifies that teachers have voluntarily gone much further. NBCTs have developed and demonstrated the advanced knowledge, skills and practices required of an outstanding educator.

    Board certification is available in 25 certificate areas, from Pre-K through 12th grade. The certification process consists of four components: written assessment of content knowledge, reflection on student work samples, video and analysis of teaching practice, and documented impact and accomplishments as a teaching professional. The process can be completed within one to three academic years.

    In partnership with the Maryland State Department of Education (MSDE) candidates will receive: 

    • $1900.00 Scholarship for participation
    • Monthly Candidate Support Sessions
    • One-to-one Mentor Support

    PGCPS Requirements for participation:

    •  Three years in Maryland as a professional educator/counselor
    •  Satisfactory rating on the Framework for Teaching Evaluation
    •  Recommendation from Current Supervisor or Principal

    Information sessions for the 2019-2020  PGCPS National Board Certification Program will begin in September 2019 and will be announced in the PGCPS Employee Dispatch.

    Search for us on Twitter @pgcpsnbct

    For questions and other information, please contact: 

    Rainya P. Miller, MA, NBCT

    301-749-5238 ext. 45519

    Click here to access the 2020-2021 application. The deadline to submit an application is June 5, 2020.