Positive Behavioral Interventions and Supports

    The Positive Behavior Intervention and Support Program at MLK

    Positive Behavior Intervention and Support (PBIS) is a program that uses data to enhance the capacity of schools to educate all students, especially those with challenging social behaviors.  The PBIS program has clearly defined outcomes and practices related to academic and social behavior that support student success.  It has an instructional focus in which emphasis is placed on teaching behaviors that will most likely engage students in the academic process.  PBIS uses data to guide intervention and management decisions.

    “King Principles”

    Martin L. King, Jr. students are expected to display the sort of behavior which reflects the “King Principles”:  Be Respectful, Be Responsible, Be Safe and Be Ready.  Appropriate behavior will be supported by the “Eye On The Prize” incentive program.             

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                “Eye On The Prize”



    The “Eye On The Prize” program is a proactive approach to discipline supported by clearly defined expectations for behavior and incentives which students will earn for displaying appropriate behavior.  Students who follow school rules are prepared for learning, display good citizenship in the classroom, halls, cafeteria, and on school buses.  They will have the opportunity to earn prizes, special privileges and participate in classroom and schoolwide incentive activities.

    The program consists of three levels

     Level 1: Classroom:  Each teacher will discuss expected classroom behavior with all students. Students and teachers will establish special incentives to reward maximized instructional time on task and a positive approach to learning.  Students who have met the agreed upon criteria will participate in classroom incentive activities, as planned by the teacher and class.  Students who have not met the criteria will not be allowed to participate in the incentive activity and will complete an alternative instructional assignment during the planned activity.  Teachers will recognize on a daily basis, individual students who are displaying excellent citizenship with Renaissance cards, and those who are not with Discipline Record Cards.  Renaissance cards will be submitted for each team’s weekly Renaissance drawing.  Renaissance cards may be submitted along with Merit tickets for special prizes and privileges throughout the school year. 

    Level 2:   Campus Deportment:  All students are expected to report to homeroom within five minutes after entering the building.  They should refrain from loitering in between classes, and before or after lunch and report directly to their assigned buses after going to lockers at the end of the day.  Staff members who supervise student movement in the halls/bus dismissal/cafeteria will issue “Merit and Demerit” tickets dependent upon the behavior observed.  Students will earn “merit points” for displaying positive behavior, (Examples: honesty, helping others, avoiding a problem situation, contributing to the building appearance, exerting positive peer pressure).  Students will be issued “demerit points” for displaying unacceptable behavior.  (Examples: running in the halls, pushing, shoving, tripping, engaging in horseplay, loitering in the halls, at bus dismissal and before or after lunch, showing rudeness to peers or staff, using loud or boisterous behavior or inappropriate language, abusing or sharing lockers, engaging in inappropriate physical contact, violating the student dress code, having unauthorized gum, candy, food or drink, cutting in the lunch line, not sitting in assigned lunch seat).  Merit and demerit tickets will be turned in to the grade level administrator on the same day they are issued.  “Demerit points” will result in a parent contact, detention, community service assignment or other appropriate administrative action.  Students will be allowed to accumulate “merit points” along with Renaissance cards and trade them in for prizes and special privileges such as eating with a friend at lunch or attending a special assembly or school activity.  Merit points will result in a positive phone call or written contact to parents by the grade level administrator.

    Level 3:  “The Prize”:  Students who consistently display responsible citizenship will be invited to participate in a schoolwide incentive activity at the end of each month.  Students will not be allowed to participate in the monthly activity if they have received a PS-74 or other significant discipline referrals as determined by the grade level administrator.

    Set Goals, Act Responsibly, Focus on Academics


       “Keep Your Eye On The Prize”!