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    What is the SAT?

    The Scholastic Aptitude Test is designed to monitor student's ability to reason and apply thinking skills required for post-high school success. This test continues to be an important part of students' consideration for admission to a college or university setting.

    Studies have shown that students must begin to work on their verbal and mathematic skills in middle school in order to do well on the SAT. We will be working on building verbal skills on WMLK announcements and during lunch each week for the entire school year.

    A special note to students: Learn the definition and usage of the SAT Word of the Week. Special prizes and incentives will be given during lunches and classes if you know the word and can use it correctly. Impress your teachers and administrators by using the words correctly and you might be in for a surprise!

    Good Luck and have fun with the SAT Word of the Week!

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