•    Shape Up for Kindergarten

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     1 hour and 15 minutes  

    Discover what a “constellation” is, and learn how to find them by starting with simple shapes. Expand beyond the stars to consider how shapes are used to strengthen buildings!

     This very popular program is now being offered to both PreK and Kindergarten classes.  Classroom resources and standards are aligned with each grade level.
    Resources for Kindergarten
      Pre-Visit for Kindergarten 
    Lesson Plan
     Post Visit for Kindergarten

      arrow animated Aligned Standards

     Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) MCCRS- RELA & Math

    1. Space Systems: Patterns and Cycles
    1-ESS1-1. Use observations of the sun. moon, and stars to describe patterns that can be predicted.
    ESS1.A: The Universe and its Stars – Patterns of the motion of the sun, moon, and stars in the sky can be observed, described, and predicted. (1-ESS1-1)
    K-2-ETS1-2. Develop a simple sketch, drawing, or physical model to illustrate how the shape of an object helps it function as needed to solve a given problem.

    RI.2.1 Ask and answer such questions as who, what, where, when, why, and how to demonstrate understanding of key details in a text. (K-2-ETS1-1)
    W.2.8 Recall information from experiences or gather information from provided sources to answer a question. (K-2-ETS1-1),(K-2-ETS1-3)

    MP.2 Reason abstractly and quantitatively. (K-2-ETS1-1),(K-2-ETS1-3)