• Ozobot Bit Computer Science Engineering Program 






    Visiting 3rd and 4th grade students participating in the Science Center’s “Ozobot Bit Computer Science Engineering Program” will learn about coding robotic platforms as they use both visual, Ozo-Blockly and Ozo-Groove coding editors to program a miniature Ozobot robot to implement a series of fun tasks meeting specified outcome criteria.  Visiting students will also learn how to evaluate and if necessary, debug their program scripts. 

    Resources :  
    Pre-visit for 3rd grade  

    Post Visit for 3rd grade
    Pre-visit Scientists and Engineers PPT  

    Pre-visit for 4th grade  
    Post Visit for 4th grade  
     arrow animated Aligned Standards
    Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS) MCCRS- RELA & Math
    3-5 ETS1 Science & Engineering
    3-5-ETS1-1. Define a simple design problem reflecting a need or a want that includes specified criteria for success.
    3-5-ETS1-2.Generate and compare multiple possible solutions to a problem based on how well each is likely to meet the criteria and constraints of the problem.
    3-5-ETS1-3. Plan and carry out fair tests in which variables are controlled and failure points are considered to identify aspects that can be improved.

    ETS1.B Designing Solutions to Engineering Problems
    Testing a solution involves investigating how well it performs under a range of likely conditions (secondary to 4-ESS3-2)
    ETS1.C Optimizing the Design Solution
    Different Solutions to be tested in order to determine which of them best solves the problem given the criteria and constraints (3-5-ETS1-3_