• Bioenergetics




    Advanced Placement 4 hrs



    This program – offered in the first quarter as an ABC, “Activity Before Content,” – includes 2 of the 12 AP Biology labs: Respiration and Photosynthesis.In the ABC, minimal prior knowledge is expected, as students will facilitate a review of fundamental concepts in cell biology, chemistry, and physics. College-bound 11th and 12th graders will: observe and measure evidence that seeds and organelles are alive; manipulate variables that affect enzyme performance; see respiration and photosynthesis demystified as components of cell metabolism; use technology including spectrophotometers and probes; and critically assess/revise procedures for controlled experiments.  Real-world applications, including pharmacological research, and college/career connections will be addressed.  (Students must bring a cold lunch that can be consumed in less than 30 minutes.)



    Resources :  
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    arrow animated Aligned Standards

     This Program is aligned with National Advance Placement Program


    Standards: [to be emphasized according to teacher preferences and students’ needs. Program may be offered with modifications for highly talented and well-prepared students who are not taking AP Biology.] 

    Next Generation Science Standards ( NGSS) MCCRS- RELA & Math

     LS1-7 From Molecules to Organisms: Structures and Processes

    E3 Obtain, synthesize and report findings clearly, effectively and in response to task and purpose

    M1 Model with mathematics.