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              1 hour and 15 minutes

     “Susie’s Snowflake” is an introduction to the easily recognized constellation patterns of the winter night sky, and to the characteristics of snowflakes. Susie is a young girl who observes and compares numerous physical properties of objects - including size, shape, color and texture - using her five senses. She employs the technology of lenses to study snowflakes with a magnifier and a microscope. We don’t always have a white winter , but it always snows in the planetarium! After the planetarium presentation students will participate in a related program (“Scientific Sense”) where they will explore properties of air. They will be exposed to methods of investigation used by scientists.


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     arrow animated Aligned Standards

    Next Generation Science Standards (NGSS)  MCCRS- RELA & Math

    K-PSS2-1 Plan and conduct an investigation to compare the effects of different strengths or different directions of pushes and pulls on the motion of an object.

    W.K.7 Participate in shared research and writing . . . .