• Búsqueda de paradas de autobús

    Búsqueda de paradas de autobús


    ¿Necesita ayuda con el transporte?  Llame al centro de transporte diariamente de lunes a viernes de 6:00 a.m. a 5:30 p.m. al (301-952-6570).

    Busque las paradas de autobús por dirección   

    Lista de las paradas de autobús por escuela 

    El enlace que se encuentra en la parte izquierda lo llevará a nuestro sistema de rutas de autobús. Usted podrá encontrar la parada de autobús para cada dirección en particular.  La búsqueda podría estar limitada a una escuela en particular o a todas las escuelas. Para proteger la privacidad de la información personal, los nombres de los estudiantes y las direcciones se han excluido.

    La información presentada sobre las paradas no indica si la dirección cumple con los requisitos para el servicio de autobús. Las direcciones dentro de los límites de la zona de caminar a la escuela podrían mostrar una parada que existe fuera de la zona de caminar. Favor de verificar la decisión final sobre el servicio de autobús con su escuela local o la Oficina de Transporte.

    Necesitamos conductores 

    Revise está página en inglés para obtener más información sobre cómo convertirse en un conductor de autobús.

    Teléfonos del estacionamiento de autobuses 

    Este enlace contiene los números de teléfono y números de rutas de los autobuses para cada uno de nuestros 12 estacionamientos de autobuses.

    Buscador de escuelas

    Use este enlace para ver las asignaciones escolares para una dirección en particular. También incluye los programas magneto y de especialidad.


     Bus Stop Tips:

    Since there may be several buses picking up children in the same area, we recommend ...

    • Before the school year begins, you and your child visit the arranged bus pick-up location.
    • Be sure your child knows the safest way to the exact location where the bus will stop.
    • When taking your child to the bus stop on the first day, it is important to be at the pick-up location at least five minutes early.
    • Your child should know the route number and the name of this year's school. This will insure that your child will board the correct bus. Each bus will have a sign located on the side of the bus in the second window on the door side for your convenience.
    • You and your child should become familiar with your bus driver, but be aware that a different driver may substitute when needed.
    • On line bus stop lookups will be available approximately August 15th.
    • Thank you for your support and best wishes for a successful school year.

    Could the bus stop change?

    Possibly. As we receive new data from the student information system we will change bus routes to accommodate changes of address, new enrollments and program assignments. Therefore we expect that while bus stop locations will remain relatively constant, bus numbers and stop times will change whenever a route is adjusted. Based on past experience, we expect a great deal of change during late August and early September. This web site always has the most up-to-date information.

    How does the system place bus stops?

    The locations of bus stops have been optimized by the computer taking into account the traffic safety issues of the streets in the area and the location of the children. In most cases bus stops are at corners. The stops are designed to be within approximately 1/4 mile of the student's home. There have been no changes in the maximum walking distances, which remain at 1.5 miles for elementary schools and 2 miles for secondary schools.

    What if I don't find my stop?

    All of the bus stops are based on student addresses provided by each school. If you do not find a stop we may not have the right address. Contact your school to be sure they have the correct address on file, including any day care addresses. If the address is right call us at (301) 952-6570 and we will investigate the problem.

    When will I be notified about the bus stop?

    All parents will receive a letter approximately August 17th. with the location of the bus stop, the bus number and the pickup/drop off times.