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    Web Page Design (1/2 Tech Ed Credit)
    This is an introductory semester course to the fast growing industry of web site design and development.  This course will introduce web design concepts and skills, vocabulary, software applications, evaluation techniques and related social and ethical issues.  This project-based course will provide students with a solid understanding of the entire Web site development process.  Students will learn to use DreamWeaver or FrontPage to design and publish web sites. Throughout this course, students will be encouraged to use the Internet to aid in the learning process. (Prerequisite:  Keyboarding 1 or Personal Keyboarding or CSA) - <Web Design Course Website>

    Introduction To Business (1 Credit)
    This full-year course unlocks the mysteries of business operations and what impact they have on individual lives.  It gives students experience and confidence in making  responsible business decisions.  This course features consumer buying, income taxes, banking, budgets, credit, saving and investing, insurance, stocks and bonds, owning  and marketing a business and much more.

    Desktop Publishing/Multimedia (1 Tech Ed Credit)
    This full-year course is designed to provide students with skills involving interactive multimedia presentations and desktop publishing. Units of instruction include: desktop publishing with design and layout techniques using Microsoft Publisher and advanced multimedia applications using Microsoft PowerPoint. Various hardware peripherals as well as the Internet will be used to create a variety of publications (business cards, flyers, brochures, newsletters, menus, invitations resumes etc.), interactive slideshow presentations, games and electronic portfolios.    (Prerequisite: Keyboarding I or Personal Keyboarding)

    Computer Programming in C++ (1 Credit)
    This full year course, using the advanced high level C++ programming language is intended for the students who have an interest in the Computer Science field.  It provides a comprehensive and complete presentation of C++.  Acknowledging the previous programming experience of the students, the course presents basic problem solving and computer principles with emphasis on file structures.

    Accounting 1 w/Computers (1 Tech Ed Credit) +
    This full-year computerized course is a study of the basic accounting principles and procedures. It provides a background in accounting for further study at the college level. Students prepare, use, and interpret financial records and statements for personal use, a sole proprietorship, a partnership, and a corporation. This course is a must for Business majors in college and could make the difference in your success at some of the top colleges in the United States.

    Accounting 2 (1 Adv. Tech Ed Credit) =
    This full-year computerized course has been dramatically revised to light a fire under students. It is an advanced study of accounting records, principles, and procedures. This course is a must for students who want to pursue a college major in Accounting, Business Administration, Business Management, or Marketing. (Prerequisite:  Accounting 1)

    Entrepreneurship (1 Credit)
    Have you ever thought about starting and running your own business?  Would you like to be your own boss?  Do you have a business idea, but aren’t sure how to get started?  Do you want to learn more about business ownership?  Then sign up for this exciting course that will help you prepare a business plan and get started on the road to a successful future

    Personal Keyboarding (1/2 Credit)
    This semester course is designed to provide students with the opportunity to learn the fundamentals of keyboarding for school and personal use.  Course instruction provides the students with common word processing application skills to prepare letters, multi-page reports, tables and oral and written communications. 

    Computer Software Applications - MS Office (1/2 Tech Ed Credit) +
    CSA is a semester course that provides students with opportunities to develop fundamental skills through the use of windows and the Microsoft Office Suite.  A step-by-step format is used to present the fundamentals of windows, word processing with Microsoft word, spreadsheets with Excel, and presentations with PowerPoint.  It provides students with a variety of methods to present their work in an attractive format.

    Business Law (1/2 Credit)
    This semester course is a study of the legal rights and responsibilities of adults and minors in civil and criminal actions.  Emphasis is placed on laws as applied to ethics, contracts, sales, court systems, employment, and personal business transactions.  The concepts and skills will be useful in future business and personal situations.  This course is a good foundation for students who plan to major in business in college.

    Business Management (1/2 Credit)
    This semester course is a motivational guide to becoming a successful business owner, board chairperson, or company president.  It is designed to give students insight on the qualities necessary for effective leadership and career success.  The topics featured are forms of business ownership, marketing, financing a business, management responsibilities, human resources management, and much more.  Students will demonstrate knowledge of owning and operating a business by establishing a real or simulated business through the development of a business plan.

    Financial Management Using Software Applications  (Credits:1.0 Elective)  Financial management provides students with the knowledge and practice they need to make informed financial decisions and is consistent with Maryland Council on Economic Education components.  Students will learn to successfully manage financial resources.  Banking, investing, borrowing, and risk management (insurance) are core content areas of the course.  Students will gain knowledge and understanding of revenue, expenses, credit and money management to enable them to make informed decisions in a highly technical and competitive society.  Students will gain competencies in software using Microsoft applications.  Financial Management is a skill that is essential in all business and personal environments.Textbook(s): Business Math Using Excel, Cengage Learning.

    Career Research and Development 2 (formerly CCE) - Tech Prep Completer - Earning 9 College Credit Hours (PGCC)  Career Research and Development 2 is a work based learning program for students interested in exploring the world of work and preparing for college or a career. The program will earn selected seniors up to four credits toward graduation.  CRD is designed to so that students attend a one period class in the morning and report to a supervised worksite in the afternoon.  This is in addition to other courses needed for graduation.  Current work-study students are employed in the federal government, law offices, medical offices, retail stores, hospitals, daycare facilities, insurance agencies, etc.  Course content includes career planning, job search techniques, portfolio development, college preparation, money management, human relations skills, and much, much more.

    (*) - courses that satisfy the fine art graduation requirement
    (+) - courses that satisfy the technology education graduation requirement
    (=) - courses that satisfy the advanced technology graduation requirement


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