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    • Our BTMS TAG students are accomplishing great things.

      7th grader Samuel Grooms was selected to participate in the Saturday Science Academy with the Foundation for Advanced Education in the Sciences (FAES). FAES is a non-profit organization that trains scientists in core and emerging techniques in the biotechnology field. Their academy for middle school students will give students hands-on experience in the lab and the opportunity to interact with researchers and professionals in the scientific community at the National Institutes of Health, in Bethesda, MD.

      6th grader,  Shabad Singh is one of the county winners of the 2018 PGCPS Recycles! Recycling Poster Contest.   For her prize she will receive a really cool laptop case made with recycled denim materials.

      Congratulations to our TAG students.

    • Shabad Singh's entry is a winner!

      Congratulations to our 6th Grade TAG student Shabad Singh for being selected as one of 10 runner-ups in the Lions Forever Almanac Challenge!

      Shabad's entry will be showcased in various National Geographic media that features theLions Forever contest.

      She will also receive as a prize a copy of the National Geographic Kids Almanac 2020.
    • After School Activities' List

      What a fun way to participate and enjoy activities after school.  There are SO MANY after school activities that students can be introduced to or can re-join.  Parents and Staff, let's continue to encourage our students to explore activities because they will be surprisingly pleased with what they may enjoy while learning!  

      Click to go to list of activities.

      Highlighted Activity to Check Out:  DRAMA CLUB ON WEDNESDAYS!

    • Charter School Lottery

      Charter School Lottery 

      The lottery for charter schools opens Nov. 1. Public charter schools are tuition-free and the lottery is open to all students.   

    • Revisions to Grading and Reporting for Middle Schools

      AP 5121.2 - Grading and Reporting for Middle Schools, Grade Six Through Grade Eight

      PURPOSE: To provide guidance to administrators and teachers in the implementation of the grading and reporting systems to be used in all middle schools and centers and for all sixth grade students in elementary schools in PGCPS.

      Revisions to AP 5121.2 include:

      • Updates to section regarding “N” grade;
      • Updates to Monitoring and Compliance section; and
      • Title and office changes. 


      For more information, contact the Department of Curriculum and Instruction

    • 6th Grade Creative Arts Selection
      This link will allow students to choose their desired Creative Arts classes for the 2018- 2019 school year. Full year creative arts classes include AVID (AVID students must have completed the mandatory application process), Instrumental Music (Band and Orchestra) and Foreign Language (Italian and Spanish). All other creative arts classes are randomly generated for each student. If your student would like general creative arts classes, choose that option https://goo.gl/forms/P74K8V0fOsOZ7xi93
    • 7th & 8th Grade Creative Arts Selection
    • TAG Parent Survey

      Parents of TAG students, please complete the TAG Survey by clicking the link below. We are interested in your feedback.