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     Talented and Gifted

     EGATE Award

    The TAG Center Program provides TAG identified students with full-day advanced, enriched, accelerated educational experiences to meet the unique and specialized instructional, social, and emotional needs of gifted learners.  


    Ellen St. Clair
    Elementary TAG Coordinator 


      Amanda Meyer  

    Middle School TAG Coordinator 




     DI Information





    Accokeek Academy TAG Center implements the program designed by Prince George’s County Public Schools to meet the needs of the identified TAG student population in grades 2 through 8 by working to meet these objectives:

    • To provide regularly scheduled opportunities for students to meet with intellectual peers.

    • To provide a learning environment in which instructional strategies appropriate to the unique learning characteristics of the intellectually gifted are utilized

    • To provide opportunities for individuals and/or small groups to utilize advanced research/study skills in designing and conducting independent investigations on topics of student interest.

    • To acquire advanced competencies in: higher level thinking skills, research skills, study skills, communication skills.

    • To develop an understanding of the purposes and process of self and group evaluation.