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Top Tips: Make the Most of Back-to-School Night!

Top Tips: Make the Most of Back-to-School Night!

  • For Parents |
  • September 10, 2018

The first few weeks of school can be fast-paced, but don’t forget about back-to-school night! It’s an opportunity to meet and greet school leaders and teachers while learning about expectations and resources. It also sends a message to your child that you will have a present and active role in their education. Let Back-to-School Night be the first step in establishing a strong home and school partnership this year. 

  1. Determine the most effective way to communicate with your child’s teacher(s). Teacher policies and communication tools will vary. Find out if any communication apps (e.g. Bloomz, ClassDojo) will be used and subscribe to all of them.

  2. Volunteer with parent groups, such as the PTA/PTO. Don’t let the thought of meetings deter you! Your support for school events is needed most.

  3. Take notes and ask questions! Be sure that you understand teacher grading policies.  

  4. Planning to volunteer or chaperone class field trips? Learn how to become an approved volunteer. Even better: Get approvals in advance, make copies and deliver to your school’s front office and your child’s teacher at the event.

  5.  Build on past experiences! If you have experienced challenges in the past as a parent partner, get answers to questions early to move forward positively!