• Important Update for Parents or Guardians of Students with IEPs or Section 504 Plans

    Important Update for Parents or Guardians of Students with IEPs or Section 504 Plans

    Prince George’s County Public Schools (PGCPS) began the implementation of online instruction on Tuesday, April 14, 2020. Our educators continue to deliver virtual lessons, maintain communication with families and students, and provide support to students in need of assistance. Please note that in the distance learning structure; daily learning is not equivalent to a six-hour day.

    We know that as parents/guardians you may continue to have questions related to how services are being implemented in this new virtual environment.  Please know that your child’s special education team is here to support you through this process.  If you have any questions or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact your child’s case manager. The Division of Special Education and Student Services would like to provide you with the following information: 

    Individualized Continuity of Learning Plan (ICLP) 

    • The ICLP is a document that with your knowledge and input will identify the components of the IEP that can be implemented during distance learning. These components include IEP goals/objectives, accommodations, supplementary aids and services as well as related and support services.

    • Case managers will continue to contact parents through May 8, 2020, to solicit parental input to develop the ICLP for students with disabilities.  These meetings will be held via conference call, through google voice or another online platform.  

    • Each parent will be provided with an electronic copy of the ICLP after the conference call is held with the case manager.

    Instruction During Distance Learning

    • Special education teachers will co-plan and co-teach with general education teachers as   appropriate at the elementary and/or secondary level. During the co-planning process Special and general education teachers will review the accommodations and supplementary aids that are  needed to be provided in order for students to access the Individualized Continuity of the Learning Plan and schedule.

    • Special education teachers will provide modifications and adaptations as needed to assignments that align to a student’s IEP. These supports may include but are not limited to extended time for assignments, accessible reading materials, task analysis charts.

    • Special education teachers will establish and communicate weekly office hours to parents/students.

    • Special education teachers will document IEP goals/objectives addressed and the accommodations, modifications, adaptations, and supplementary aids and services provided.

    • Related and support services such as speech and language or counseling will be implemented under the PGCPS distant learning plan.  Related service providers will collaborate with teachers and parents/guardians to schedule related services for students. Some related and support services such as specialized transportation or additional adult support will not be implemented during the PGCPS distance learning plan.  Related and support services will be documented in each student’s ICLP.

    • Students with disabilities who were receiving an online evidence-based intervention as documented on their IEP or through the Intervention Selection Procedure (ISP) prior to the COVID-19 school closure.  Interventions that do not have an online component are unable to be implemented during the COVID-19 school closure. Students will continue to have access to the following online interventions:  

      Elementary Interventions


      Secondary Interventions

    • I-Ready Mathematics Grades K-5/6

    • Lexia Core 5 Grades K-5

    • SPIRE Grades K-5/6

    • Achieve 3000 Grades 6-12

    • I-Ready Mathematics Grades 6-10

    • Read 180/System 44 Grades 6-12

    • SPIRE Grades 6-8

    Individualized Education Program Meetings

    This guidance is operational for COVID-19 school closures through May 15, 2020 or until school reopens.

    • Initial eligibility Individualized Education Program (IEP) team meetings will be conducted. If your child was in the process of an initial eligibility IEP meeting to either review assessment results, or review the draft IEP, these meetings will be scheduled virtually.  An initial eligibility IEP team meeting requires the review of all completed assessment results/reports, observations and classroom data to determine if a disability exists. If the student is found eligible for special education services, an IEP shall be developed.  Parental consent/agreement may be secured by email confirmation. Upon the reopening of schools, the parent’s signature shall be obtained on the initial IEP.

    Please note: The participation of your special education advocates or attorney as you are aware is your choice.  Your child’s special education case manager to schedule this meeting will contact you.

    • Manifestation IEP meetings shall be conducted.  Virtual manifestation determination meetings shall be held for any student who was suspended from school from February 28 - March 13, 2020, who requires a manifestation meeting.  

    • Evaluation and Reevaluation IEP Meetings shall be held virtually on a case-by-case if there is sufficient information, including completed assessments and observations.

    • Annual Review IEP meetings shall be held virtually on a case-by-case basis if there is sufficient information for the team to make decisions. Consultation from your Special Education Instructional Specialist will be available to support the IEP teams through this process.

    • Exit meetings- All Exit Meetings for graduating seniors must be held and completed by   May 11, 2020.  Please note: The last day for graduating seniors is May 15, 2020. 

    • ESY Eligibility Determination meetings- All ESY eligibility determination meetings must be held by May 22, 2020.  As part of the Annual Review process, IEP teams are required to determine each student's eligibility for ESY.  Using the eligibility criteria and all relevant data, including input from the parent(s), IEP teams must consider all goals/objectives and provide a written discussion to support each answer on the determination tool. 

    • Central IEP (CIEP) meetings scheduled from March 16, 2020 to April 24, 2020, will proceed if there is sufficient information to conduct the meeting.  Central IEP meetings will continue to be held virtually if a completed CIEP packet is received. 

    Please note: All IEP meetings will be held virtually between 9:00 a.m. and 1:00 p.m. during the time that does not conflict with distance learning.

    Section 504 Plan Services

    • Professional School Counselors (PSCs)/504 Case Managers will continue to provide services to individual students on their caseload in accordance with each student’s 504 Plan. 

    • 504 Plan students will receive check-ins and individual counseling sessions  in accordance with each student’s 504 Plan.

    • Section 504 meetings will not convene virtually or telephonically during this period of school closures as a result of COVID-19.  Section 504 meetings require consideration of multiple sources of information, including classwork, classroom-based assessments, accommodations checklists, medical records  and other information that is maintained at the school. Given the need for comprehensive information, these Section 504 meetings will be rescheduled upon the reopening of school due to the inability of PGCPS staff members to physically access students’ records, conduct observations and or formally assess students.

    • Section 504 meetings that were postponed due to school closures from March 16 to March 27, 2020, will be rescheduled. Further, all Section 504 meetings scheduled from March 30 through April 24, 2020, are postponed and will be rescheduled upon the reopening of schools. 

    The Department of Special Education has provided home access materials for students with disabilities, which are available at this link: https://www.pgcps.org/Coronavirus/continuity-learning/cards/Online-Resources-for-Students-with-Disabilities/

    Regular updates will be shared with families on the PGCPS website at: https://www.pgcps.org/coronavirus/continuity-learning/

    PGCPS would like to thank you for your understanding and flexibility as we work through the implementation of our distance learning plans, ICLPs, and 504 Plans. PGCPS will continue to work with our families to ensure that you have access to tools and resources you needed for your child to access the continuity of learning during the COVID-19 Pandemic.