Steps For Earning SSL Hours

Steps For Earning Independent SSL Hours

FIRST: (PREPARATION) Consider what activity you want to do or what specific organization you want to work with.

All SSL must be done with nonprofit, tax exempt organizations.

NEXT: Check the M-NCPPC (Maryland -National Capital Park  and Planning Commission) Volunteer Office for a list of sites.

NEXT:  (ACTION) If the organization and activities are....


Not Pre-Approved

Contact the organization and volunteer to serve. Complete a Service Learning Site Approval Form and submit it to your SSL Coordinator for approval PRIOR TO BEGINNING service.
Participate in the SSL activity. Upon receiving approval from the SSL Coordinator, participate in the SSL activity

Next: (REFLECTION) Complete a SSL Verification Form to document service performed in the summer or within each semester service is done.

Last: Turn completed Verification Form into School-Based Learning Service Coordinator by September 30 for summer service or by the end of each semester in which service is done for SSL hours to be reflected on your report card.

If you need help, contact the School Based Learning Service Coordinator at your school!

Kara Libby, Ed.D.
Executive Director
Division of Teaching and Learning
14201 School Lane
Upper Marlboro, MD 20772 

Angela Walton
Administrative Assistant




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