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OCTOBER 31, 2017


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2nd Grade Publishing Party

2nd gd Pub 1  2nd gd Pub 3  2nd gd Pub 5 2nd gd Pub 7  2nd gd Pub 8

2nd gd Pub 9  2nd gd Pub 10

2nd gd Pub 11

3rd Grade Publishing Party

  3rd gd Pub Pty 1 3rd gd Pub pty 2

Drug Free Awareness - Door Contest

 Door Cont Kgn Door Cont 1st

                  Kgn - Mrs. J. Lopez Class                                             1st Grade - Ms. M. Taylor's Class

 Door Cont 2nd Door Cont 3rd

       2nd Grade - Mrs. Zguir                                                       3rd Grade - Mrs. Brooks

 Door CONT 4 Door Cont 5th

           4th Grade - Sampson                                                         5th Grade - Mrs. Rouget

 Clean Water Partnership w/Ms.Jam Kendrick - Selected 2nd/4th Grade students & Mrs. K. Taylor

  Clean Water Clean Water 2

First Grade Parents Make and Take w/Mrs. Brown and Ms. Kirk

  Make n Take 1  Make n Take 2

1st Quarter Awards Assemblies

 1st Qtr HR 2nd gd  1st Qtr 3rd gd

                                       2nd Grade                                                               3rd Grade

1st Qtr 3rd gd 2  1st Qtr 4th gd

                                         3rd Grade                                                                    4th Grade

1st Qtr 4th gd 2 Principals Award

                               4th & 5th Grade                                                        Principal's Award












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