Mandatory Uniform Policy

Heather Hills Elementary School 2017-2018

School Uniform Policy

Colors: Navy and White

• White or navy ribbons, navy, white headbands for hair (no flowers) 

• Limit jewelry to small earrings, watch, small necklace

• Navy knee length shorts, long pants, skorts, jumpers(shorts under), white or navy leggins or tights

• White shirts, blouses, long sleeve turtle neck shirt, polo type shirts (small logos)

• Navy or white sweaters/vests or pullover/HHES sweatshirt over white uniform shirt

• Navy or black belt (must be worn when needed)

• Socks: solid white, blue, black, tights

• Shoes: all white, all black (soles must be same color 

as shoe), no logo or logo must be the same color as the shoe 

We recommend tennis shoes.

*Shirts and tops must be tucked in.

Please check your child’s attire before they or you leave home for the day.  *Parents will be contacted to bring uniform attire to school.

Last modified: 9/1/2017 2:07:04 PM