Business Department

Salam Woldekidan
Room: 213
Extension: 83074

Thurman Sutton
Room: 208
Extension: 83071  


Courses Offered:

  • Business Communications
  • Computer Software Applications
  • College and Career Research Development I
  • College and Career Research Development II


Other Business/Technology Related Courses: 

  • Computer Graphics
  • TV Production
PGCPS Business Education Overview*:

"The primary mission of business education is to provide instruction for and about business. The discipline of business education prepares students to become contributing citizens who are capable of making astute personal economic decisions.

In business education classrooms, students learn the basics of finance, principles of management, master economic principles, and learn how businesses operate. In addition, business education courses provide the impetus for students to successfully complete college programs in several business areas."
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Course Descriptions:
Students will gain experience in preparing and maintaining financial records using printed ledgers and computer based accounting systems. Through the process of creating financial records students will learn to analyze, interpret and review financial records for accuracy. Students will also gain awareness of practical applications of accounting and career opportunities available to those with accounting experience. This course is part of a necessary foundation for future study and employment in the business administration field.

Computer Software Applications
Students will learn to use common software applications used in college and professional careers, including spreadsheets, desktop publishing and presentations. Students will focus on the use of Microsoft Office Suite as an industry standard with a focus on the use Excel, Word, and PowerPoint.
College & Career Research Development

"Students in grades 11 and 12 apply course content to practical work experience and develop academic, technical and workplace skills.

The program provides instruction on Maryland’s career development model that includes career awareness and exploration; development of career portfolio to proficiencies in workplace readiness, personal financial management, personal growth and development, and employment experiences. All graduating seniors must submit a senior project that will provide evidence of student achievement and showcase skills for success as well as academic and technical skills." 

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Other Business/Technology Related Course Descriptions:
Computer Graphics

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