Corollary Sports


The goals of Corollary Athletic Program and those of the existing interscholastic athletics program are similar. Both programs strive to teach students good sportsmanship, to help them build self-esteem, to enable students to acquire skills and knowledge of the specific sport, to help them develop new friendships, to promote their physical fitness, and to teach them the concept of teamwork. Sometimes we find that winning is our ultimate goal, and we can lose sight of the thrill of the competition and the enjoyment of participation in a sport. While winning is important, it is not the main focus of the Corollary 
Athletic Program.

 Corollary Sports Offered:
  • T-Ball
  • Bocce
  • Track&Field


Bocce Roster:
Xzavian Evans
Michael Queen
Brian Bonner
Kim Gilliam
Telana Richardson
Zainab Munu
Brandon Connally

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