College & Career Readiness and Innovative Programs

College Prep Planning

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PGCPS Programs and Resources to Prepare for College

Scholarships: Going to college is very expensive. Students and parents can find information on various types of scholarships that will help defray the cost of college.

College Applications: Students can find information on college admisison guidelines and timelines; how to complete college applications, including writing eye-catching college essays or personal statements.

Smaller Learning Communities: This initiative is offered at Crossland, DuVal, Oxon Hill, Potomac and Suitland as part of a federal grant. The goal of the initiative is to increase student achievement through the implementation of several research-based components with the goal of graduating all students college- and career-ready.

NCAA Academic Eligibility Standards: Student athletes must not only have the talent to go to college but must also meet the academic requirements as well.  

Resources to Prepare for a Career  

Career Interest Survey- A Career Interest Survey is designed to help you discover what jobs you would find most interesting, and suggests a number of options that will enable you to do what you love.
An interest survey can ensure that you are on the right path before you invest time and money getting a degree or pursuing an unsatisfying job.

Personal Education Plan - A “Personal Education Plan” (PEP) is an online planning tool for students that begins in elementary school and continues through high school. The Personal Education Plan helps students plan for high school graduation and college and/or their desired career.

Occupational Handbook - The Occupational Outlook Handbook tells you the training and education needed, earnings, expected, job prospects, what workers do on the job, and working conditions for thousands of jobs.

College & Career Readiness and Innovative Programs

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College & Career Readiness and Innovative Programs
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