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    Top Things to Do

    These are the top 4 things we need you to do:

    1. Send an email to: bsmsparents@gmail.com with your child’s name in the subject.  This will allow you to: 
      • receive important school information 
      • be linked to our parent calendar to view upcoming school events 
      • register for free parent workshops 
      • let your voice be heard by taking our parent survey 
      • obtain Title I information & documents and so much more.
    2. Complete the lunch application online:http://www1.pgcps.org/foodandnutrition/
    3. Complete the parent portal on school max to view all of your child’s grades in every class & to monitor their progress. https://family.sis.pgcps.org
    4.  Register your child in 1-3 of our 20 different offerings for after school programs that will help strengthen their skills academically, behaviorally and socially.                       

    https://goo.gl/forms/TF1gi6orgu32br033  Scan Code

    Keep track of your child's attendance and grades


    Join our Email List

    Parents send an email to:     bsmsparents@gmail.com  to join our parent email list, view our parent school activities calendar & receive school updates. 

    Please send your email using this format:  

    To:    bsmsparents@gmail.com

    From:     James Doe 6th & Jana Doe 8th                                

    (write your child’s(ren) name in that section)

    Body:      301.555.5555 John Doe (father’s cell)                                   

                     240.555.5555 Jane Doe (mother’s cell)

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